On Wednesdays We Tornado

Good afternoon!

I am currently sitting in my kitchen, blogging (obvs, hehe) and waiting for a tornado… We’ve been warned there may be one and it would not surprise me at all. This has been the weirdest day for weather. Honestly, when I read on weather.com about tornados and baseball hail and green skies I thought it was probably another case of bring your turtle to work day and let it do all your work (this happens frequently on weather.com)

Earlier today I went to meet my lovely cousin and friend, Jenny (her blog HERE) at Filament coffee, downtown ( I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to live in a place that has this sort of coffee shop. It is what dreams are made of), drink coffee, and crochet a few things. While we were there all hell broke loose. We decided if we were going to get swept away and die, we’d leave this life as pretty happy campers, all caffeinated and caught up.

But we didn’t die, and we are still happy (living) campers.

While we were there I had a pretty brilliant idea. I have 1000 freshly printed business cards in my car that need to get out there in the world! So, whilst sitting around, talking, I crocheted up a few stars (and borrowed scissors, pens, and hole punchers from the barista), hooked them onto my business cards and put them on the community board at the cafe! I hope people find them and love them.

After threat of the storm was over (and whoever was in charge of music at the cafe played “Here Comes The Sun”. Good choice. Applause.) we went on our way and I edited and put up a few more Etsy items!

And now, even though the sky is clear, I am on the edge of my seat waiting for a tornado to hit because I read on weather underground that they come out of nowhere and will most definitely blow all your windows out and all your shingles off, and all of the trees will fall on all your cars and you’d better gather up all your snacks and husband and seek shelter in your innermost bathtub.

Good Luck, Everyone.






Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 4


Today is the day!!! It took just about everything in me to get this far with my Etsy page, and I am so happy that it is pretty much up and running and even though it needs some tweaks here and there, and definitely more STUFF (coming soon). I am very very very happy and sleepy.

I got up very early this morning and did a bit to get ready for my big photoshoot (not really big…), but realized that my good tripod was missing! So, I ran to my parents’ and got one they had from the 80’s.

Got that set up with my camera, and the light was perfect, but then I realized that my SD card reader was missing AND the cord to connect camera to computer!

With Tim Gunn’s voice in the back of my mind, I grabbed my phone and some string and tape and MADE IT WORK!

I think I deserve an extra cup of coffee now.

Here are some photos that didn’t quite make the cut, and a little behind the scenes type stuff.. The lovely giant green cowl is still in production, but I forgot this as I was taking pictures. No buttons! But I thought I’d get a few pictures of it to see how it did. And it’s my favorite, of course.

The fingerless mittens are also coming. I just could not get a good shot and then I lost my light (I am very thankful for the light that I DID get though).

And crazy face, down at the bottom was when I was really really fed up with static…


A Rainy Day Project

It’s disgusting out and my papier mache is refusing to dry for the third day now. I am making something very large that has to be worked on and stored in the garage, which is almost as clammy as outside the garage. I will go into great detail about this project in a later post, for now though, I have picked a project that doesn’t require a lot of thought and drying time. I took my favorite dress that I found at JC Penney about 4 years ago (and is starting to sport some wear and tear…. Holes. It has holes all in it and is beyond repair), and made a pattern with it (out of dollar store wrapping paper we happened to have)! I am feeling very proud and smug.

Very very excited to use this for never ending dresses for the rest of my life. I will use it in an outfit of the day post very soon!

What did you do on this soggy Wednesday?