Things Iceland Taught Me

Hey guys. It’s been a very long time. Lots of adventures and goings on. But that’s not what I’m here to talk about tonight. There are more important things. They involve sheets, towels, kitchen counters, linens, floors, pots and pans, etc.

I have found a glorious new obsession.

It started in Iceland.

Tayo and I adventured in Iceland about a month ago. We saved up for a while and got cheap tickets, an affordable air bnb, and blew most of our money on sightseeing and cheese. While we were there I learned some valuable life lessons. Our apartment was tiny and awesome. So there wasn’t much room for a lot of stuff and if things weren’t tidy and straightened up, you very quickly felt claustrophobic. I am one to let things pile up and then after two weeks, begin to lose my mind and tidy in a fit of rage. But in Iceland, I tidied up a little every day and things were, for the most part, clean and neat. Every day. I now watch “clean with me videos” on youtube and salivate over new cleaning supplies. I love getting out of the shower and into clean pajamas and then into a freshly made bed. I can’t think of a better feeling! It gives me so much energy to wake up to a clean kitchen and clean dishes and a just vacuumed carpet and polished floor. An organized refrigerator gives me joy. I love coming home after working all day and my home is clean! Or having people pop in and I don’t have to panic and shove all the bits and pieces under a couch! I even love the act of cleaning. It’s not a pain in the butt to do a little every day and I would much rather that then let it pile up. I just love it.

When it came to laundry in Iceland, there was only a small washing machine. No dryer. I figured it was one of those fancy washer-dryer combos, but as I sat on the floor of the bathroom, in front of the washing machine, google translating the Norwegian washing machine, I realized, there was no dryer. I’ve used a dryer most of my life except now and then when New England was warm enough to hang things outside. But I still had to google, “How to dry clothes indoors, without a dryer”. I found all sorts of wonderful advice on hanging clothes indoors to dry to save energy and money! Not only that, but hanging clothes to dry extends their life! Dryers rip your clothes to shreds over time! So, I got excited. I did a load of laundry and opened the windows (It was very cold outside, but Icelandic homes are super warm because of the geothermal heating and you have to keep windows open anyway) and hung my clothes in hangers near the window. And it has changed my life! I couldn’t believe how different and wonderful and CLEAN my clothes felt! It seemed to give me energy! There was no going back. That night I opened my Amazon app and purchased a clothes drying rack for about $30. I wanted to feel that good for the rest of my life!!! And I have ever since! Not only that but dryers are an appliance that uses a ton of energy. Icelanders are very aware of this and they even have special “drying rooms” where they hang their clothes. And now we do too. The living room. Fortunately our drying rack folds up and gets put away when not in use. And some things, I simply hang on hangers and that’s it. They dry and then I hang them in my closet like that. It’s so simple and awesome.

I also learned how to recycle in Iceland. Something I did here and there and thought I was pretty good at. But it turns out, Icelanders are much better at this too. Iceland is small and beautiful and doesn’t need to be destroyed by trash and landfills. So they recycle like mad. Here in NC trash pick up is once a week and recycling pick up is twice a month and many times there are only a few bins out for recycling on those days! When we were in Iceland we recycled everything. And it felt really good. That may seem silly, but it was a good feeling knowing we weren’t contributing to a mass of trash, we were helping clean it up. We now recycle like mad and it feels really good to only have to put our trash bin out once to twice a month 🙂

I just love this new lifestyle. I never would have dreamed this is what I would’ve taken away from the Iceland trip, but I’m very glad I did. It’s been wonderful and it has made me so happy and energetic! It feels amazing!

Here is a list of my favorite supplies..



The clothes rack…. here

My favorite detergent… here

My favorite soap… here

My dusting mitt… here

All purpose cleaner… here

All purpose wipes… here

The most wonderful dish soap… here