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Today is the day!!! It took just about everything in me to get this far with my Etsy page, and I am so happy that it is pretty much up and running and even though it needs some tweaks here and there, and definitely more STUFF (coming soon). I am very very very happy and sleepy.

I got up very early this morning and did a bit to get ready for my big photoshoot (not really big…), but realized that my good tripod was missing! So, I ran to my parents’ and got one they had from the 80’s.

Got that set up with my camera, and the light was perfect, but then I realized that my SD card reader was missing AND the cord to connect camera to computer!

With Tim Gunn’s voice in the back of my mind, I grabbed my phone and some string and tape and MADE IT WORK!

I think I deserve an extra cup of coffee now.

Here are some photos that didn’t quite make the cut, and a little behind the scenes type stuff.. The lovely giant green cowl is still in production, but I forgot this as I was taking pictures. No buttons! But I thought I’d get a few pictures of it to see how it did. And it’s my favorite, of course.

The fingerless mittens are also coming. I just could not get a good shot and then I lost my light (I am very thankful for the light that I DID get though).

And crazy face, down at the bottom was when I was really really fed up with static…