On Wednesdays We Tornado

Good afternoon!

I am currently sitting in my kitchen, blogging (obvs, hehe) and waiting for a tornado… We’ve been warned there may be one and it would not surprise me at all. This has been the weirdest day for weather. Honestly, when I read on weather.com about tornados and baseball hail and green skies I thought it was probably another case of bring your turtle to work day and let it do all your work (this happens frequently on weather.com)

Earlier today I went to meet my lovely cousin and friend, Jenny (her blog HERE) at Filament coffee, downtown ( I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to live in a place that has this sort of coffee shop. It is what dreams are made of), drink coffee, and crochet a few things. While we were there all hell broke loose. We decided if we were going to get swept away and die, we’d leave this life as pretty happy campers, all caffeinated and caught up.

But we didn’t die, and we are still happy (living) campers.

While we were there I had a pretty brilliant idea. I have 1000 freshly printed business cards in my car that need to get out there in the world! So, whilst sitting around, talking, I crocheted up a few stars (and borrowed scissors, pens, and hole punchers from the barista), hooked them onto my business cards and put them on the community board at the cafe! I hope people find them and love them.

After threat of the storm was over (and whoever was in charge of music at the cafe played “Here Comes The Sun”. Good choice. Applause.) we went on our way and I edited and put up a few more Etsy items!

And now, even though the sky is clear, I am on the edge of my seat waiting for a tornado to hit because I read on weather underground that they come out of nowhere and will most definitely blow all your windows out and all your shingles off, and all of the trees will fall on all your cars and you’d better gather up all your snacks and husband and seek shelter in your innermost bathtub.

Good Luck, Everyone.