A Rainy Day Project

It’s disgusting out and my papier mache is refusing to dry for the third day now. I am making something very large that has to be worked on and stored in the garage, which is almost as clammy as outside the garage. I will go into great detail about this project in a later post, for now though, I have picked a project that doesn’t require a lot of thought and drying time. I took my favorite dress that I found at JC Penney about 4 years ago (and is starting to sport some wear and tear…. Holes. It has holes all in it and is beyond repair), and made a pattern with it (out of dollar store wrapping paper we happened to have)! I am feeling very proud and smug.

Very very excited to use this for never ending dresses for the rest of my life. I will use it in an outfit of the day post very soon!

What did you do on this soggy Wednesday?