Goodbye, Darling.


I hope everyone is having a beautiful Sunday, and snow day if you’re on the east coast like me! Tayo and I have been snowed in for three days now and since there has been no loss of power here (I’m sorry if you did) I have done so much! Papier Mache, building a fireplace for our living room (more on that later), testing new recipes (vegan, because that’s how we do), and drinking a lot of stevia hot chocolate.

This, however, was my goal. Getting a shiny new website/blog set up and then working on getting my Etsy store, Secret City Handmade, up and running again! My goal this year is to be successful in my Etsy business again, even when it gets boring and “businessy” at times. I love designing, making, running, marketing, exploring, and whatever else have you of running a business with all my heart and soul.

Please bear with me as I try and navigate WordPress…. It make take some time to get it looking pretty and all. This is pretty wild for me, coming from Blogger ( TheMarketDarling.Blogspot.Com). But what makes you uncomfortable makes you stronger, right?

In slightly bittersweet news, this is the end of the road for The Market Darling, my longtime Etsy business and blog. It was a beautiful run and taught me everything I know about running and loving a business. What started out as a band name, nine years ago, became a blog and then a shop for me and I loved every minute of it. Secret City Knits became my second Etsy business and then the most successful. It was also my favorite. I found I had more than a knack for crochet and then knitting! At which point it became Secret City Handmade. There are a few other things you’ll find here and on my etsy shop eventually, too, as this blog and the shop evolve and grow.

I’m so excited to begin this adventure!